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Floor Plan

You will get the latest information of the arrangement of exhibitors through  Floor Plan.Attention: The second-round booth assignment will be finished in the mid of December!

 Exhibit Now!
FPD China is the premier event in China FPD industry.  Exhibit Now to welcome the next step of China display!  
If you want to get the details of FPD China 2015 for your reference, please click to check now!

Exhibitor Update
Exhibitor Update which will be sent out from Oct. 2014,  is sent monthly to our exhibitors as a reminder and informer.
Please pay attention to the exhibitor updates which we send to you. If you haven’t received, please visit our website.
Exhibitor Service Center
Exhibitor Service Center will help you to get the latest and detailed news about FPD China 2015 timely which will be very useful for your tour arrangement.
Visitor Registration Invitation
Visitor Registration Invitation will inform you the updates of FPD China 2015 and concurrent events early. 
Visitor Registration Invitation will be available in Dec. 2014.
Online Event Directory
Online Event Directory is available now.  Please update your information as soon as possible. 
Exhibitor Registration & Matchmaking
Exhibitor Registration is available now.  After receiving your exhibitor number, please log in as soon as possible.  Exhibitor Matchmaking will be available in Jan. 2015.
FPD China 2015 Sponsorship
There are 3 types of FPD China 2015 including onsite exposure, printed collateral and online advertisement to help exhibitors to do promotion through different way. Click to get more details about FPD China 2015 Sponsorship.
Event Sponsorship
There will be 2015 China FPD Conference, SEMI Golf Tournament and Industry Gala concurrently held with FPD China 2015. There are will be the great chance for the promotion of your company and products. Click to get more details about Event Sponsorship.
Exhibitor FAQ
Exhibitor FAQ will be your guidance on arranging a meaningful tournament for FPD China 2015.