CDC Metaverse - OLED vs Micro-LED

Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2022
Time: 09:00-17:00
Venue: Primus Function Room, 2nd Floor, Primus Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao
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SEMI has successfully held 13 display forums since 2009 to create a world-class technology communication event. Metaverse brings people feel to be personally on the scene through AR/VR. The display industry will face opportunities and challenges. Which new display technologies such as OLED, Si-OLED, Si-Micro-LED, and Micro-LED can win? Please join the China Metaverse Display Conference to discuss the future OLED vs Micro_LED? The forum will be held on June 15,2022 at the Primus Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao in conjunction with the FPD China exhibition. Now there is a few available speech time slot for exhibitors to subscribe. Please submit the Chinese and English speech topic, speaker biography, presentation outline or abstract before December 24, 2021. For details, please contact Ms. Eileen Xiao of SEMI China as soon as possible, Tel: +86.13862568319, Email: [email protected]