FPD China 2010 was concluded successfully!

The Statistics of FPD China 2010

Exhibitors 129  
Booths 291  
Countries / Regions 13  
Visitors Mar. 16 16,414
  Mar. 17 14,996
  Mar. 18 5,531
  Total 36,761

The Statistics of 2010 China FPD Conference

Speakers and Chairmen 48
Presentations 45
Papers 115
Attendees 799

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FPD China 2010 Post-show Report in English
FPD China 2010 Post-show Report in Chinese

FPD China 2010 Summary

Exhibitor List & Product Category Code List

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The Press Release of FPD China 2010
TheMedia Report of FPD China 2010
--FPD China 2010 Media Report (General, first published, PDF 3.15MB)

--FPD China 2010 Media Report (Enterprises, fist published, PDF 2.14MB)

--FPD China 2010 Media Report (General & Enterprises, reproduced, PDF 378KB)

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