Ajay Jain
VerLASE Technologies LLC, CTO


Ajaykumar (“Ajay”) Jain is a co-founder/CTO of VerLASE Technologies LLC, and named inventor of the Company’s principal technology. He had also cofounded and remains the CTO and a principal of Versatilis LLC, VerLASE’s parent Company, which had done various R+D work for agencies of the US Government, including DARPA, ARL, DOE and ONR. Previously, he founded TeraLūm, an optical components venture addressing telecom markets. He has 25 years thin film, semiconductor and fiber-optic experience, first with Omega Optical, then Reynard, and has consulted for a number of Companies in thin film optical coating technologies. A deeply experienced optical engineer, he is a prolific inventor with over 18 issued US patents, 2 in Japan, and 1 in Korea, with many more still in process. He is familiar with semiconductor processing, thin film devices in both electronic and optical domains, process and applications engineering, and engineering management. Ajay is a distinguished graduate of the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester, with prior technical education in Mumbai, India.