Chen Dingguo Ph.D
CSOT, Senior Director of WuhanT4 Plant


2004年应聘回台湾後在统宝光电,领导其研发团队从事各种中小行动显示器相关技术的开发及产品设计与制造。其中包含了高端LTPS AMLCD, AMOLED, 及柔性电子相关技术。


In this paper, the display technology trends resulted from the recent market and industrial development of large size TV, mobile displays, and flexible displays will be reviewed. With the advancement of the technologies, the display has affects our daily life and will become even more indispensable in the future. The status of major technology trends that are associated to current display industry will be discussed. In order to enhance the user experience, the form-factor, viewing area and quality of the display have been the common drivers behind different display applications. With the maturity of the technology and supply chain, the emissive display technology, e.g. AMOLED, has grown in market share and become more important in future displays. Innovation of QD and backlight technologies have made the performance gap between LCD and AMOLED TV closer. The trend of display with increased active area has become the major trend in mobile applications. The rapidly increasing adoption of the flexible AMOLED for mobile applications has sped up intensive development associated to this direction.