Rainer Paetzel
Coherent, Director of Strategic Marketing


Rainer Paetzel, born in 1955, has studied Biomedical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Giessen, Germany. He is working for Coherent LaserSystems in Goettingen, Germany for 37 years. Rainer is Director of Strategic Marketing with focus on laser systems used in Flat Panel Display and Micro-Electronics manufacturing.


The innovation for display technology moves on at high speed. Perfect picture quality comes to the TV by the new 8k TV’s that already launched in the market. Flexible OLED displays create a big wave in the market for the variety of mobile displays and automotive applications. In addition, several emerging display technologies are on the horizon that will bring e.g. ultimate power efficiency, highest ppi for AR/VR, or super-large high-resolution cinema. Aligned with these innovations on the display comes the need for new manufacturing processes that support the economic production of these new devices. For these new manufacturing lines, laser processing is at the forefront.

Laser processing plays a vital role in the manufacturing of displays today for example to make the "perfect cut", for patterning, LTPS- Annealing (ELA), Laser Lift-Off (LLO), Laser Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT) and a variety of repair processes. Advanced lasers and optimized processes will be enabling for the production of new display technologies. For example, the emerging µLED technology presents new challenges for a cost-effective production. Also the upcoming 8k TV's offer opportunities for laser processing in the back- and front-plane. In this paper, we will highlight latest laser products and novel laser processes that support high volume manufacturing of (flexible) OLED and enable the advent of µLED-based displays.