Steve Chu

Chief Executive Officer, UNISOC

Steve Chu, CEO of Unisoc Group, has 22 years of experience in the telecommunication, semiconductor and investment industries. Before joining Unisoc, Steve took various senior executive positions, including Vice President of Strategy and Technology at Huawei, Chief Strategy Officer at Hisilicon, Head of Huawei Innovation Incubator, Director of Wireless Business at Hisilicon, Deputy General Manager at Datang Mobile, General Manager of Wireless Research Division at Huawei and etc. Steve also led the Microelectronics Division of CAS Zhangjiang Research Center in Shanghai.

Steve is widely respected in the mobile telecommunication and microelectronics industries, as the founder of several important technologies and the owner of a number of international patents. Steve led the invention of the first commercialized wireless base station in China, and the first prototype of software radio base station in the world. He led the development of the first mobile phone chip solution (Holly Communication’s CDMA), the first TD-SCDMA mobile phone chip solution (Datang Mobile), and the first WCDMA mobile phone chip solution (Huawei Hisilicon) in China, as well as the first set of WCDMA base station chipset in the world.

In addition to his devotion in research activities, Steve is a promotor of technology commercialization. He drove the international commercialization of the Broadband Software Radio Technology, founded the Huawei Innovation Incubator, and developed greenfield projects in high-speed railway telecommunication, ehealth, digital home, new energy etc. By acquiring the British start-up NEUL, Steve promoted the NB-IOT technology standard and the industry in China.